Thursday, June 19, 2014

AGPLA Part 3 - March 2014

After lunch at AGPLA Cafe, We browsed the Historical section. This is one of the things I was most looking forward to.

Bitty Baby tested out Julie's car.

Julie joined Bitty Baby for a ride.

Bitty Baby had a snack with Caroline.

Caroline invited Bitty Baby for a ride on her skiff.

Bitty Baby was so tired, she had to take a nap in Caroline's bed.

We tried to take a picture with the Isabelle display.

I was planning to get the red souvenir t-shirt, but I also saw this pink one. It says Los Angeles on it too, but I didn't remember seeing it before. I got one of each. And the little pink shorts. And some jeans.

The damage. Guinevere desperately wanted this dress for her doll and the matching one. She wanted the doll to try on the dress before she tried on hers. Sadly we haven't gotten any pictures of them wearing the dresses together yet.

Bitty Baby display.

Tiny shopping bag!

And finally, we signed Kirsten in to the doll hospital and said goodbye.

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