Thursday, July 3, 2014

Animators Collection Deluxe Frozen Dolls

Last week, Disney Consumer Products held it's 2014 holiday showcase. I was not there, but some of the pictures have caught my interest. A Deluxe set for Anna and Elsa Animators Collection dolls.

I love their nightgowns! They also come with a change of clothes and Olaf. Pictures from Inside The Magic.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Sofia the First Toddler Doll

This week, Disney Consumer Products held it's 2014 Holiday Showcase. I was not there, but I'm super excited about some of the pictures I've seen. Pictures from Inside the Magic.

There was no description for this picture, but I believe it to be a Sofia the First toddler doll. My guess is that it will be part of the My First Disney Princess line of dolls you see at places like Target.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Disney Princess Dolls, Parks Edition

These are the Parks Editions of the Disney Princess dolls.
 The dolls are shown here displayed in the Small World toy shop at Disneyland.

 It spins around and around, so it can be hard to get shots of all the dolls!

I love how their dresses tend to match the current parks costumes so well.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

AGPLA Part 3 - March 2014

After lunch at AGPLA Cafe, We browsed the Historical section. This is one of the things I was most looking forward to.

Bitty Baby tested out Julie's car.

Julie joined Bitty Baby for a ride.

Bitty Baby had a snack with Caroline.

Caroline invited Bitty Baby for a ride on her skiff.

Bitty Baby was so tired, she had to take a nap in Caroline's bed.

We tried to take a picture with the Isabelle display.

I was planning to get the red souvenir t-shirt, but I also saw this pink one. It says Los Angeles on it too, but I didn't remember seeing it before. I got one of each. And the little pink shorts. And some jeans.

The damage. Guinevere desperately wanted this dress for her doll and the matching one. She wanted the doll to try on the dress before she tried on hers. Sadly we haven't gotten any pictures of them wearing the dresses together yet.

Bitty Baby display.

Tiny shopping bag!

And finally, we signed Kirsten in to the doll hospital and said goodbye.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

AGPLA Part 2 - Cafe

We had lunch at the American Girl Place Cafe.

Molly is so excited!

Beautiful and Tasty!

Guinevere got an early birthday candle.

Group shot.

AGPLA Part 1 - March 2014

On March 20, 2014 I visited the American Girl Place LA for the first time. It was a pre-birthday trip for Guinevere, two days before her third birthday. It was also my first time visiting any American Girl store. 

 We had with us Myself, Guinevere, my sister Holly, and her daughter Lane(7 months old). Dolls on the trip were my Molly, my sister's childhood Kirsten, and a few mini dolls. We live in Orange County so it took us about an hour to get there. We were trying to leave at about 10, but we ended up leaving more like 10:30, so we got there a little later than I had planned.

 We browsed a little bit, but we had a lunch reservation at the Cafe at 12:30 so we didn't have much time.
We bought Guinevere's Bitty Baby and the cashier opened her so she could come to lunch with us.  When I asked Guinevere what her name was, she said "Bitty Baby". Okay.

Bitty Baby tried out a treat seat.

 We got some shots of the girls and their dolls waiting for lunch. Guinevere with Bitty Baby, and Lane has a Carters cloth doll named Lulu.