Thursday, November 7, 2013

Animators Collection Aurora

What's in this Disney Parks store bag? It's so huge!
Animators Collection Aurora!
I've been admiring these dolls for a while. Aurora was my favorite, in her Briar Rose dress with her plush owl friend. When I saw that the series was being refreshed, it made me anxious to get one of the older ones.

At Disneyland the other night, I saw they still had some. In fact, they had a mix of the old and new ones. I was deciding between Aurora, who was my favorite of the dolls, and Cinderella with her cute mouse pal, who my daughter would prefer. I tried to get Guinevere's opinion on the matter, but she didn't seem that interested. So I got the one that I liked best. I think it's one that is changing the most anyway.
 She seemed pretty interested in it when I got it out of the bag at home, though. Here she is posing with the box. I almost didn't notice that's what she was doing because I was looking through my camera at the doll and I just thought she was looking at the doll, but my husband assures me she was lining herself up with it.

Here she is just out of the box, still attached to the cardboard.

My husband was called in to assist with the usual tangle of tape and ties securing her to the box.

And she's out! Isn't she pretty? She still has a net on her bangs.
 Guinevere certainly seemed to think so. I only got a couple of shots in before she grabbed the doll.
 Well that's pretty cute, isn't it? We did have a minor issue when Guinevere said it was her doll. I told her that actually, it's mommy's doll but she can share it. She was like "But it's my doll. You can share it." We finally agreed with that.
 There she is with her bangs out of the hairnet, mostly. There are still a couple threads on the edges. How am I supposed to get those out without cutting her hair?

For comparison, here she is next to the 12" Disney Store singing Sofia the First doll.
 And lined up with a couple more Sleeping Beauty dolls we have. The first is another toddler princess, actually. It's from the Disney Parks plush doll series called "fairytale beginnings". We have several of them but I think this is the first one Guinevere got. On the right is a Marie Osmond baby Sleeping Beauty doll, she's about 8". And she's supposed to be lying down because she's asleep so she's kind of propped up and slipping.

She can sit, but only with her legs wide apart. Still pretty cute.
I think her face is cute, but Guinevere has said several times that she is mad. This doesn't seem to have deterred her too much. She asked to have her tucked into bed once, and watched a movie with her another time. 

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  1. I have her too and I love her! I believe she was the second one I bought. I love that she's in her Briar Rose clothes too, I don't care for her princess gown all that much.

    I can see how she looks a little angry with the small smile and slightly down turned eyebrows, but I think she's cute also. At least she doesn't look as sad as Pocahontas. :)