Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sofia the First Dolls

Disney Junior's Sofia the First is a big hit with Guinevere. I thought I'd line up all of her Sofias for a photo.thefavoritetoy-shannonkay-20131017-008Disney Store 12" Singing Sofia, Mattel Sofia the First 5" mini doll, Mattel Sofia figure, Mattel Sofia the First figure from the Royal Family set, Disney Store figure
thefavoritetoy-shannonkay-20131017-009Guinevere said "Those are my dollies. You can't take pictures of them!" and some of the Sofias were taken. 
We have a Disney Store plush Sofia too, but I can't find it. Here's an old shot of it with the singing doll.
And with Guinevere at Disneyland. Aw.thefavoritetoy-shannonkay-20130613-001
Back to Singing Doll Sofia. She is lovely and fairly easy to move and pose.
thefavoritetoy-shannonkay-20131016-005She has an on/off/demo switch under her dress on her torso. Be sure she is switched to "on" and not "demo" or she'll only sing part of her song.
thefavoritetoy-shannonkay-20131016-003Her dress is pretty nice and she's got a plastic Amulet of Avalor. Her tiara is still tied to her head. There are a few thread ties still in her hair too.
I was surprised at how much taller Life in the Dreamhouse Barbie is than Singing Sofia. Since she's supposed to be 12" I figured they'd be about the same height, and I guess they're not far off. The proportions are pretty different though. Barbie is much thinner and of course Sofia's head is comparatively huge. Mini doll Sofia seems of decent child height in comparison to Barbie.

Here's a shot of Mini Sofia with a Minnie Mouse mirror. If I'd been thinking clearly, I might have tried to get a shot of her reflection in the mirror. Oh, well. I thought Mini Doll Sofia would be able to play with Chelsea's friends.

The Chelsea dolls are a little taller and Sofia has different proportions, but I still think they can play together nicely. I was just getting the dolls set up when Guinevere pushed up her tiny chair and got in on the playing.
thefavoritetoy-shannonkay-20131017-012Which, of course, is the point.

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